Sticks ‘N’ Sushi

Design | NORM Architects

Typology | Restaurant

Location | Chelsea, London, United Kingdom

Status | Inspiration (non-commercial) project

Year | 2019


Renders was made by photo reference

We really like projects by NORM Architects. These are always very stylish images that do not contain anything superfluous. Competent work with space and light, excellent selection of materials, the perfect mix of restraint and contrast. All this is in every work of this studio.
We work with graphics, we create images, and such projects inspire us, it is always very interesting and pleasant to work with it.


The interior of the restaurant is made in the style of minimalism and looks amazing. The diffused natural lighting creates an incredibly cozy and comfortable atmosphere, despite the fact that the light is cold. The nature of the materials used is also very important, so we have carefully reproduced them on our renders.


The space of the restaurant combines Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics and details play a very important role here. Perfectly matched elements of decor are perfectly integrated into the interior and complement it, creating a holistic image of stylish space.