Sara N. Bergman Atelier 

Inspiration photo | Kristofer Johnsson

Typology | Atelier

Location | Stockholm, Sweden

Status | Inspiration (non-commercial) project

Year | 2018


Renders was made by photo reference

This is the interior of Sara N Bergman  Atelier 54 in Stockholm. We were very inspired by this creative space and we wanted to share this mood with you in our renders.


This is an incredibly emotional place, an atmosphere of art reigns here. Rigidity and comfort are combined in this place. For many artists loft style is associating with creativity. And we are no exception. Looking at the photos of this atelier, we wanted to repeat this atmosphere in our renderers. This work is really important for us. Working with the materials of old brick and metal, of soft blankets and a leather sofa, creating this magical pleasant illumination of a cloudy day, we can really feel this atmosphere.