Open A House

Architecture | Open Architecture

Typology | House

Location | Novosibirsk, Russian Federation

Status | Commercial project

Year | 2019

In this project, we had a very interesting and uneven landscape, under which the architecture is adjusted thanks to the talent of architects. But modeling the architecture and relief would not be enough. We paid a lot of attention to landscaping around the site. This is very important because gives the viewer the real situation in which the architectural object is located. We made enough options to achieve the uniqueness of this space. Looking more closely, you can notice wooden driftwood and large stones that make the space in front of the house more interesting and picturesque. And in the background is not just a forest - it is full of various shrubs, a heterogeneous uneven surface of the earth, even trees felled by the wind. These details are visible only if you look very carefully and for a long time. But all together they make the image really interesting and attractive.