Abu Dhabi Plaza Office Space

Design | SKY CG Studio

Typology | Office

Location | Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Status | Commercial project

Year | 2019

The main objective of this project was to show how exactly the offices in the Abu Dhabi Plaza complex would look. This is a modern community and business center in the capital of the actively developing republic of Kazakhstan. It was important to show the status and relevance of this place.


One of the important conditions was to show the advantage of panoramic windows, which not only create excellent lighting for all areas of the office, but also offer wonderful views of the city.


The interior is made in a modern style. We used discreet colors to emphasize the business character of this place. At the same time, decor and organization of space allows you to convey a creative atmosphere.


In the interior there is a large amount of greenery, which not only increases the level of comfort in space, but also is a helps visual separator of functional zones, and also creates a color accent in combination with restrained and calm materials.